Presidential Properties on Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard has seen a number of leaders and historic figures visit in summertime, notably including the Clinton and Obama families during their recent presidencies. With Presidents' Day just recently behind us, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the places two of our recent President's enjoyed. See below! 

72 Gosnold's Way, Chilmark
-The most recent destination of the Obama's (2014-2016). Images below and profile found here -

8 Snail Road, Chilmark
-This unique and special property was the Obama's choice in 2013 and is now for sale at $19.125M. Truly an unbelievable property - more details found here:

The Blue Heron Farm, Chilmark
-Another beautiful compound, this property had a markedly equestrian style, in addition to all the elements the other properties had. The property included 28.3 acres, multiple structures, and sold in 2011 to famed architect Lord Norman Foster for $22.4M, after the first family rented there for 3 summers.

Oyster Pond, Edgartown
-Last but not least (actually more of a side note), the Clinton family is known to have stayed on Oyster Pond, one of the brackish/salt pond's along the Vineyard's south shore, during Bill's presidency. The Obama's also visited the barrier beach at Oyster Pond during their visits. Some images of the pond below.

Hopefully we see more visits from sitting Presidents in the future, however for some reason I doubt President Trump will be coming!

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