Review of Martha's Vineyard Q2 2017 Real Estate Statistics

In every possible category, the statistics from Q2 here on the Vineyard were robust. Average and median sale prices for the island were both up double digit percentage points. Adding those numbers to an increased number of sales over 2016 led to a significant increase in sales volume as well. Average days on market continued its downward trend and sale price over assessed value increased. Drilling down to the individual towns, Edgartown again proved to show the most strength once again, bolstered by a $20 million sale on the harbor. 

Below are a couple of key pages from LINK's Q2 report. For anyone wanting to read the entire report, feel free to message me and I'll be happy to send along. In any case, the market here is quite strong at the moment. We will look forward to Q3 and Q4 continuing these trends.